Boulevard Double WideDouble-Wide I.P.A. uses Columbus and Magnum hops for both bittering and aroma with Chinook hops added in the whirlpool. It is dry hopped with generous amounts of Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook hops. The resulting beer has a hop forward aroma, redolent of peach and apricot. The assertive flavor bursts with the citrus qualities of blood orange and lemon with a slight caramel malt backbone to balance the intense hop flavor. There is little restraint in the flavor of this beer; it is certainly not for the pedestrian palate. Read More

De Proef KO BlondDe Proef KO BlondlKOBottleK-O is the latest invention of Dirk Naudts, one of Belgium’s leading brewmasters. For years, Dirk has been coming up with winning beer recipes for breweries large and small throughout Belgium and Holland. You would be amazed at how many beers with other people’s labels on them were actually created by Dirk.

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Stop by Tipple’s Every Thursday for some tasty local food!foodtruck

Humble Pie - Thursday, November 6; 5:30 pm til ???

FED Food Company – Thursday, November 13; 5:30 pm til ???

Ameraucana Wood Fire – Thursday, November 20; 5:30 pm til ???

Closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 27.


Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout_SnifterBarrels that once contained world-famous Kentucky Bourbon lend a sweet hint of caramel and vanilla to dark-roasted malts and finish with the essence of a lightly roasted coffee. The barrel-aged flavors native to Kentucky compliment this complex stout brewed and aged with Haitian coffee to create the bourbon country’s own Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout. Read More