Try a beer you haven’t tried before. Bogedal No. 130.

Bøgedal is an atypical brewery in that it is Scandinavian’s only All gravity. The beer runs from cask to cask by means of pulleys flows from level to level without the use of pumps, and the wort is cooked over an open fire. Because of the delicate methods in use, Bøgedal can produce a nearly clear beer without filtration,

Try me! You might not get a chance to again!Bogedal No. 130. Made in a pre-industrial fashion.

thereby retaining many of the important flavours and aromas.

The brews are never identical, even when the same recipe is followed. Low technology without temperature control allows the beer to live its own life and develop naturally. Bøgedal Bryghus, as the only commercial brewery in the world, maintains an old Danish tradition of brewing so-called, “Goodbeer”, going back to the pre-industrial age. This is a strong, very rich beer with many of the natural sugars still intact.

Since each brew is unique, the bottles are labeled according to the number of the brew, with the only data being the type of beer and hops, plus the brew and bottling dates.

Because of this process, Bogedal only produces 30,000 bottles per year. Tipple’s received a case of Bogedal No. 130, of which only 700 bottles were produced. It is amber-colored, with a café latte-colored head. A sweet smell of Danish Spruce, milk chocolate and brown sugar. A hearty beer, with a real nice creamy taste, and a good balance between the bitter and the sweet.

*information is from the Bogedal Brewery

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